Terms and Conditions


Our dresses are made-to-order and once the dress production begins, the materials cannot be used again.

We can offer cancellation in the following ways:

For a full refund, including the original postage, the cancellation of the order should be requested within 24 hours.

For a 60% refund, including the original postage, the cancellation of the order  should be requested within 24 – 72 hours.

For any cancelled orders beyond 72 hours, only the postage can be returned.

Cancellation cannot be provided if the order has already been picked up for delivery.

If you believe you have special circumstances and need to cancel an order, please send an email to enchanted-brides@hotmail.co.uk and state the order number and the reasons why you wish to cancel. We will calculate the cancellation time according to the time the email is received.

Returns Policy

If there are problems with the quality of the dress (e.g. damages, wrong size or colour etc) and it has not been worn, you can contact us on telephone number 01452 714131 and ask for a return of monies. Please send photos and explanations to clearly show the problems.

This can only be done within 7 days of receiving your order.

When you are returning items and require a refund, you should provide a clear explanation of the problems and produce any evidence of any issues.

All items should be returned to the distribution address. Confirmation will be provided when you call us to advise of the issues

All returned items will be checked by our quality team. A refund will be made after we make sure that items have the quality problems which you described in your return request.

Damaged items

We will provide a full refund if items are damaged or lost during shipment. Please make sure items were not damaged during delivery before signing for them. Also, if goods are damaged, you need to get “Proof of Damage” documentation from the delivery carrier.

Wrong Size

If the dress size is different from the specifications taken in the order, we will provide a full refund or we will agree to alter the dress (if this can be done)

However, if the sizing is correct (as per the order) and it does not fit, we will not provide a refund but we may be able to alter the dress for you through our qualified seamstresses although this will be at an additional cost.

If this is the case, we will refund 50% of payment as our apology. Please send us a copy of the receipt from the tailor for making this adjustment in order to qualify for this refund.

Colour Mismatch

If there is a significant colour difference from the colour samples, please send us an email and also provide photos that show the problem clearly. Once a colour mismatch is confirmed, we will offer you a return, a partial refund or a full refund. Tip: It is normal that there is a little bit of colour difference because of computer screen settings or lighting conditions.

Items that cannot be returned

Items cannot be returned for damage caused by the customer.

Perishables and personal care items cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.


1. How can I track my order?
When your order is dispatched, you will receive an email from us containing a tracking ID, as well as a link to the carriers tracking page, where you’ll enter that tracking ID in to see where your parcel is.

2. How long does delivery take?
If ordering a dress to be made, the delivery will take around 25 weeks. Generally, it will take 10-14 working days to process an order for items in stock.

3. How do I return my purchase?
Please check our 
Returns Policy.

4. How long does it take for me to receive a refund?
We will process your refund within 10 business days of receiving the return at our distribution address.

5.  Can you send me a swatch of the colour I am interested in before I order?
We are sorry we will not be able to provide swatches for our dress collection but if we are making your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or flower girl dress we will discuss the design fully with you and provide swatches of material for you.

6. Can I have a dress made to my measurement?
Yes, we can make bespoke dresses for you and will discuss your designs our first concern. We can make the dress in your own size. You may send us your special measurements according to our size guide.

7. Where can you ship to? 
We will only provide dresses to addresses in the United Kingdom. If you live outside of this area please give us a call and we will advise if we are able to provide dresses for you.

8. Can I return the dress or cancel the order if I change my mind? 
All our dresses in our “Collection” should be delivered in good order. If our dresses are received and the quality is not what was expected you can return the dress to us back. Please refer to our Returns Policy

However, if we custom make your dress (es) to-order our cancellation and Returns Policy are stricter than other items. So it is important to order carefully. Please do choose the right style and size before ordering!

Our Guarantee

Enchanted Brides is a family run wedding and bridesmaids dress supplier, with a great reputation for providing perfect quality dresses from our Collection and bespoke dresses.

Custom Tailored

All our dresses are customisable, and every part is created by our qualified and experienced Seamstresses and are made specifically for each client.

Best Quality

Enchanted Brides are qualified dressmakers and experienced designers to create your dress.

We carefully select high-quality beads, pearls, fabrics and threads to create every dress. We look for the right colour and material that goes into your dress.

Many of our dresses feature beautiful beading on the sleeves, bodice or skirt. Our Professional dressmakers spend hours skilfully sewing on beads and pearls to perfect an elegant and classic design for you.

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Privacy Policy

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How do I place an order?

Finding the Items

Use the navigation bar at the top of any page to start looking through our collections. Detailed product information is just a click or two away through the item picture.

Click to buy

Once you've found an item you'd like to order, simply select all the required options (such as the size and the colour) and click "To buy."

Selected Shopping

To see your selected Shopping click the icon at the top right corner of any page. The quantity of items and total amount will be displayed.

Checking Out and Completing Your Order

From your Shopping page, click the "Check Out" button.

Proceed through the checkout screens, enter the required information to enable us to ship goods to you. If you would like to proceed with the order payment, then press the “Place Order” button.

In the following page, you will be instructed to check your order summary. If correct click “continue” to complete your order.

We'll send you an order confirmation via email, to be followed by a further email to advise when shipping has been complete together with the tracking information. If you have any queries about your order please go to Contact Us and you can phone or send us a message.